Trusted Tips in Playing SimCity Buildit Online April 15, 2015

Although city simulation, mobile gaming and other forms of online game playing have been around for 15 years or more, the mainstream is just now being introduced to multiplayer games. With the emergence of SimCity Buildit that come equipped for online games and the vast proliferation of wifi access, more and more game players are jumping online to see what all the hype is about. The problem is that the “hardcore” crowd has been doing this for at least 3-4 years now and often they’re not all that friendly to newcomers. So how does someone get SimCity Buildit into the multiplayer online experience without being harassed by some 15-year-old in Topeka with a mouth that’d make a sailor blush? Read on.

For practically every online game, those with bad connections to the Internet need not apply. Those with 56k or slower connections will find SimCity Buildit unplayable, limiting them to other styles of play. Those on something like AOL will have a very difficult time with most multiplayer online games, as their connection speeds tend to suffer. Also, because of the proxies and firewalls that services like AOL use to “protect” their clients, many online games are not available at all to them. Those with Cable or DSL (or faster) have the best chance at having fun in the genre of their choice. Because some of these games allow for 32 or more (sometimes thousands more) players at a time, the bandwidth provided by broadband proves extremely useful in keeping lag low (see terms below) and smooth gameplay high.

As a general rule in playing SimCity Buildit, try to play on a server located close to the computer the game will be played on. For example, a player in San Francisco will tend to get better connections to a server in Los Angeles compared to a server running the same game in New York. The server doesn’t have to be next door or even in the same city, but usually a game will have servers that are within 300-400 miles. Those will typically provide the best connections. For ping times (see the terms below), try to aim for no more than an average ping of 250-300ms. When pings start to get higher than that, the game will often become unplayable.

SimCity Buildit both a single-player and a multiplayer experience. There are some games (notably RTS and a few others) that have very little single-player training, which can make going online with them a little daunting. However, nearly every one of these games has multiple websites devoted to it, and most of these sites contain FAQs, player-written help files for newbies, forums and the like. Get questions answered before venturing online, as there’s not much more annoying than a newbie asking obvious questions that are answered in easy-to-find FAQs and manuals. You can read a good one about SimCity Buildit — the tricks and tips and more about the game — on this highly popular website.

Finally, after playing through the single-player game, try to get a multiplayer game going with a friend. And remember, just because you defeated the computer doesn’t mean that human opponents and teammates will act how the computer-controlled players did. Be prepared to learn new things. They’ll make more sense assuming you already know the basics.

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Magic Element to Boom Beach and its Popularity

We’ve only had our hands on it a couple of days, but we want to let you know what we’ve found out so far playing Boom Beach on this official game website guide at The bread and butter of SuperCell, Boom Beach has carved out a niche in the competitive RTS market by offering a slower-paced, more economic-based RTS with a cartoonish flair, placing itself somewhere between the economic-model games of Clash of Clans building series and a traditional military/resource-based RTS. Something about those little guys shoveling, farming, mining and carrying on their little lives has attracted a whole lot of gamers, both in the US and throughout the world. The game seems to be getting better at every iteration, so we’ve been looking forward to The Settlers IV. Anyone familiar with the base building will recognize the gameplay, and in that regard much of Boom Beach is the same. The player’s first goal will be building up a functional economy. Much of the technology tree is similar to Clash of Clans — woodcutters chop, miners gets gold, sawmills make lumber, etc. There is still a military aspect in the game, though now the military gets stronger by the “value” of the settlement, putting a greater emphasis on building over raw production of materials and units. There are even “eyecatcher” objects that can be built to increase the appeal of the settlement, something entirely new to the RTS genre. The graphics are pretty similar to other RTS right now in the market in a broad sense, though a zoom function has been added and the game will make use of a 3D card. The zoom function will mostly be used to pull back and gain a better perspective of the map; zooming in for detail isn’t likely to be used much, as it limits the visual field and the characters can look pixilated. The environment looks more alive than ever: Animations have been added all over the place — trees bend with the breeze, animals roam the countryside, rivers flow. There are two gameplay modes right out of the box this time: single-player mission-based, which consists of several missions; and multiplayer, which now offers both cooperative (Task Force) and adversarial play against random players online. The magic element that people love about Boom Beach seems very much intact in what we’ve seen so far. We’ll know more in a few weeks, once we’ve really gotten into the meat of the game.

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Screamride Game – Show me what you got!

From the time games like RollerCoaster Tycoon and Theme Park gave me the important thing to my very own amusement park, I’ve not exactly utilized my godlike powers of recreation creation responsibly. I’m much less worried about fair ticket prices and also ample restrooms as compared to I am along with allowing the most terrifying, nauseating, and also deadly rides the earth has ever seen. Along comes Screamride, which usually strips aside the park manager pretense and also instead provides me with all of the tools I have to inflict my victims along with as much excitement ride PTSD when I are able to. So just why are we so bored stiff?

Like a new hire at Screamworks, it is your job to place your test subjects through just as much gut-wrenching terror as possible, to be able to test the limits of ‘human excitement’. You know for ‘science’. While you generate medals in every Screamride’s there are three career modes, you improvement through a number of different environments, each one of these bringing a new set of challenges and also upping the issue considerably. The entire premise is paper thin, but it is nothing like I truly need a reason to transmit hapless human guinea pigs for their doom on the roller coaster from hell.

Right now, I understand what you are pondering: “I like destroying things. This seems fairly neat. How come I see two-and-a-half stars up towards the top of this review?” That’s a great question, and also the response is simple: Screamride is actually boring. If I am a playing man, I would rather play Clash Royale and visit for free gems. Each and every surroundings is basically a giant mass of water with some themed bits sprinkled directly into remind you you’re in the ‘island’ or ‘glacier’ world, although these modifications add up to nothing more than destructible window-dressing. The soundtrack is really a universal mix of thumping dubstep or even blaring drum-and-bass tunes. And every one of this is linked together with a narrator who talks as though her script had been run through free text-to-speech software. You’d believe a game title about extracting terror through hapless human lab rats could be exciting, however the whole package simply feels so boring and without personality.

Screamride doesn’t actually understand what the hell it really wants to be, as two of the three Career modes do not have anything to do with building roller coasters. A whole lot worse, those two settings aren’t excellent. Roller coaster sims should be about creating crazy rides and taking advantage of them as cogs within the well-oiled machine which is your theme park. However in Screamride, there is no park simulator tying everything together, so each coaster and also gameplay mode seems isolated and compartmentalized, along with only a number of track parts unlocks and also environment changes to provide you with any real feeling of progression. Without that glue, a previously lifeless video game now has no direction or even purpose, which helps make the gameplay feel much more artificial and disconnected.

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New RPG – The Witch and The Hundred Knight

The developer of NIS has shown their expression by creating an action RPG game called The Witch and the Hundred Knight, however the team doesn’t have the same flow for this kind of video game. On the dealing with bad guys and running over, The Witch and The Hundred Knight can be very exciting in short burst, however when you go down into the RPG systems established the action, it is naturally trips up. There is a huge variations among needless complexity and while very depth, nonetheless the With and the Hundred knight never show this difference.

The Witch and The Hundred Knight’s plot includes few less than heroic main character. Becoming a bad guy role in the game sometimes is a good things however where NIS’s Disgea video games have achieved to make their character’s very cheecky, harmless joyful, Hundred Knight’s Metallia is simple, nasty, and humorless. She seems like a hot pot teenager who just learned bad words for the first time, which is hard to make her to shut up. Another thing you can learn is that text dumps will make more sense in this strategy video game where you are attempting to discuss a story in every battle or before, however slower-paced battles a terribly a flaw in the game as you wait.

Even if the attack skills are so great and spells are in other NIS games e.g. Dofus Touch Generateur, there will be lots of ready to use skills on the other easy accessible in Hundred Knight are very friendly. They’re all so underwhelming which I didn’t remember we were holding there half the time. The reason why would I take the time summoning an explosive device which takes longer to inflate than it requires for me to reduce my enemies to lace, or a number of minions that run in circles doing hardly any damage? The Hundred Knight is said to be a harmful force to be reckoned with in the lore, however all this individual appears to be proficient at is dogging all around no matter what weapon he’s possessing while from time to time avoiding.

Fortunately, there’s a great time to be had doing each of those activities. Avoiding with ideal right time triggers a neat slow-motion impact that provides you a chance to unleash on competitors with almost no fear of retaliation. Besides the result look smooth, however it was one of the couple of times I felt compensated for my ability.

On wrongdoing, there’s just a little thought needed in custom-building your five-hit assault string by outfitting a multitude of various weaponry. For example, spears provide wide-arc, multi-hitting assaults, while hammers deliver sluggish, smashing hits to opponents at the front of you. Each offers various kinds of damage too, so building attack guitar strings which are functional and suitable to a number of requires a few preparing. Obtaining innovative with my gear setups felt satisfying, since I often see the payoff each time I take down several enemies who utilized to give me difficulty. Nevertheless, after I discovered a setup that protected most of my angles it was simple to go on autopilot, therefore I discovered myself emotionally considering during longer extends of fight.

It’s not that there’s absolutely nothing going on behind the curtain, however Hundred Knight is loaded to the gills with unnecessary systems and has that rarely result in the moment-to-moment gameplay more fascinating. Take the undercooked Raid mechanic for example. It enables you to intentionally dominate harmless people’s homes to get items from their store, however since you usually succeed if you’re high enough level, it’s basically the just like opening a treasure chest. Really the only disadvantage to raiding is it allegedly can make city people dislike you through the karma program, leading to inflated costs at the numerous stores spread about. I never saw anything I needed to purchase at any of them anyway although, so as far as I was worried, karma was only another worthless number on my status screen.

Changing among diverse figure classes is another dud, given that they didn’t differ considerably enough to bother with, and new places never actually launched new challenges to create what few skills the various classes have feel useful. However the biggest offender is the GigaCals system that is essentially a fancy term for “time limit.” Each and every action you take and move you are making, GigaCals are consumed, and once they’re exhausted you’re pretty much helpless. However, it is really an arbitrary type of challenge since you can just teleport from an area, and teleport back in with a fresh GigaCal stock. It’s an unnecessarily restrictive program that didn’t go about doing certainly not waste my own time by pushing me to withstand extra load screens from time to time.

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The Basics of Battling Moisture in Camping

Camping is not that hard if you know how to do things the right way. There some things that needs to learned and practiced promote not only ease in the process but also the priority thing which is safety. Moisture is something that haunts every camper every now and then especially when camping on cold and snowy territory.

Moisture buildup inside your camper can be a real pain. If you camp in the winter any uninsulated area can begin to condensate. Especially if you are cooking & showering inside without much ventilation. Pop-ups & Hybrid trailers like the Rockwood Roo tend to have the most noticeable problem. Because the tent beds will condensate & drip on your head. Several factors play a role in this. The humidity & the temperature outside combined with the heat & moisture buildup inside from cooking & using hot water.

We recommend that you ventilate as much as you can when you cook & use fans to circulate the air. We purchased a dehumidifier & it seems to work well for reducing the amount of moisture inside the trailer & it adds a little heat. There is nothing worse than being cold & having to sleep on a wet pillow.

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Camping Tips You Should Learn and Practice April 14, 2015

Always pack your necessities first & try to pack as light as possible especially if you are tent Camping,

Dry Ice works wonders if you are going on a long trip however, even if it is in your cooler keep it outside, harmful fumes could result.

When making road trips plan in advance where you may want to stop for gas, in some places gas stations are very far apart. Invest in  AAA or maybe carry a gas can with you!(trust me on this one)

Check weather, like if you plan a trip to say Orlando in September, you might want to make    sure the largest Hurricane that has ever hit the east coast is not coming your direction. (hint don’t go to Orlando in Sept)

Other parts of the country get different weather then what you may be used to, we got snowed in at Mt. Nebo Arkansas, in April! So be sure & check the weather.

Always have a 1st aid kit & some quick medicine on hand. If you have to buy anything once your out, it will usually cost you a lot

If you camp at high elevations expect strange weather especially in Colorado

Camping is a lot of fun but always be safe, bring plenty of liquid(water, Gatorade etc..)

The best time to arrive at a campground is usually Wed. or Thursday night, you get the better sites

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